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Discover the positive answers we can bring together to the harsh reality of human trafficking, and help us champion those on the front lines, as well as bring awareness to be #MinnesotaBold in anticipation of Super Bowl 52.

A collaboration of those on the front lines who fight, rescue, legislate, advocate, educate, and bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. These #MinnesotaBold serve the cause to bring positive answers to their communities as agents of change. WOW International is serving as the connector via four distinctive Initiatives.


Phase 1 - Collaboration: 

The summer of 2017 is to thank and bring together all those on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking. It is also a means for all these entities to collaborate together to prepare for what we anticipate to be and what the 42:7 PROJECT founder calls, “the Super Bowl of human trafficking.”

Phase 2 - Awareness:

The Super Bowl is a grand opportunity for an awareness campaign to the general public; “Awareness to bring outcomes”  

The 42: 7 PROJECT public events leading up to and during Super Bowl week will provide a tangible platform for all involved to have a positive presence to showcase the answers they provide to stop human trafficking. This will include the presence of civic, corporate, nonprofit, and faith-based entities, coming together to participate. Highlighted will be the unique mix of skills and resources that each bring to shed light, answers, and hope.

We are #MinnesotaBold. The 42:7 PROJECT will highlight the bipartisan initiatives and collaborative efforts that have resulted in the “Minnesota model,” which has paved the way nationally for comprehensive strategies to combat human trafficking.