Every Hour 42 Children Are Trafficked 7 Days a Week.

Join the #MinnesotaBold in anticipation of Super Bowl 52, as the 42:7 PROJECT brings a national awareness campaign and coalition to shed light educate the general public. Discover with us the positive answers we can together bring to the harsh reality of human trafficking.


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WOW International to Announce the

42:7 Project Coalition for Super Bowl 52

A Coalition of Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations to Spread Awareness & Education

CHANHASSEN, Minn. - June 8,  2017 - WOW International and the 42:7 PROJECT coalition announces the 42:7 PROJECT. The 42:7 PROJECT is both a coalition and campaign for public awareness and education before, during, and after Super Bowl 52.

The 42:7 PROJECT acts as a platform for those on the front lines who fight, rescue, legislate, educate, advocate, and bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. With four comprehensive initiatives, the 42:7 PROJECT is a catalyst for collaboration to bring public awareness and education.

Casey Schutrop the executive chair of the 42:7 PROJECT collaborative explains the meaning of “42:7,” “Every hour 42 children are trafficked seven days a week. The 42:7 PROJECT was created in response to a groundswell amongst, civic and business leaders, universities, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations asking, ‘What can we do in anticipation for Super Bowl 52?”’ said Schutrop. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security said in the U.S. 300,000 to 400,000 American children are victimized every year, and the average age of a trafficked child is 12 to 14.

Eighty three percent of those trafficked were U.S. citizens according to an investigation from 2008 to 2010 reported by the Congressional Research Service.


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According to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, since Super Bowl 2010 in Miami, it has been assessed by national and local task forces, organizations, and initiatives that estimated 10,000 victims are transported to Super Bowl cities to be trafficked during the Super Bowl event(s).

“The children trafficked every year in the U.S. would fill the 66,655 seats in the U.S. Bank Stadium 5 times,” said Schutrop. “The crowds that gather at major touring events such as the Super Bowl are catalysts for human trafficking to occur.”

“It is the proactive change agents across the state and nation that can not only make a difference, yet bring lasting impact,” said Schutrop. “This is why the hashtag for the 42:7 PROJECT is #MinnesotaBold.”

The first two of many Super Bowl related events by the 42:7 PROJECT and the coalition reflect the two purposes of the project:

“The first event, “#MinnesotaBold THANK YOU Celebration and Dinner,” is a private event  to honor and thank all those on the front lines who fight, rescue, legislate, advocate, educate, and bring awareness to shine a light on the dark issue of human trafficking,” said Schutrop.

“This coalition of civic, legislative, corporate, nonprofit, faith-based organizations, and law enforcement together make a collaborative,” said Schutrop. “Besides this being a great time to gather and connect over great food and music, it is also a time to hear of new strategies, statistics, and the coordinated efforts taking place in preparation for Super Bowl 52 and beyond.”

“The second of many public events takes place on June 29, 2017 for the general public, #MinnesotaBold Good People, Good Food, Good News,said Schutrop. “It is a summer family-fun fundraiser with special guests, appearances, prizes, family photo opportunities, games, and great food.”


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“Celebrated will be the the positive answers we as the #MinnesotaBold can together bring to the harsh reality of human trafficking,” said Schutrop. “The proceeds from this event will go toward the 42:7 PROJECT’s four distinctive initiatives created for momentum of the coalition.”

The 42:7 PROJECT is an initiative under the auspice of WOW International a registered 501c3 faith-based non-profit organization. WOW works on the ground in Minnesota as a connector for collaboration, nationally for speaking events, and works abroad by training leaders with community development initiatives for sustainability and retention.

More information about 42:7 PROJECT can be found at www.427Project.org. More information about the #MinnesotaBold Thank You Celebration and Dinner event can be found at www.427PROJECT.org/event20. More information about the #MinnesotaBold Good People, Good Food, Good News,” event can be found at www.427PROJECT.org/event29.

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