Today is the first of many events from the coalition related to the Super Bowl focus that will lead up to Super Bowl 52: The purpose to provide a springboard for BEYOND THE SUPER BOWL with comprehensive partnership and initiatives to create momentum for the coalition members. The 42:7 PROJECT is both a coalition and platform for public awareness and education through the events. The 42:7 PROJECT is presented by WOW International, who serves to support those on the front lines who fight trafficking and on the ground in Minnesota and abroad with tangible strategies.

In anticipation of Super Bowl 52, the 42:7 PROJECT is a platform for your organization to serve as a catalyst for momentum through events, advertising and PR initiatives. The purpose being to reach beyond Super Bowl 52 as we highlight the achievements you made possible. Featured will be the unique mix of skills and resources that each collectively bring to shed light, answers, and hope.   

We invite you to discover this coalition of civic, legislative, corporate, and nonprofit initiatives and organizations that together make the collaborative.   

(*If you know someone who needs to be invited, please alert us at contact@427project, forward this by clicking and forwarding this invitation to this FREE event and dinner… You may invite your donors as well, as there will be no donations taken for the 42:7 PROJECT initiative at this “industry” THANK YOU event.

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